3,000 Miles on a '00 Blast!

I couldn't really think of a 30 hp 500 Single as just a "beginner bike", so I treated the Blast like a motorcycle, and put it to the various uses I expect it to see in service. Just so you know where this is coming from, I'm not a racer or an engineer, but a road rider with about 250,000 miles logged, no wrecks or injuries. Experienced, but not an "expert". Take it for what it's worth. Happy reading and good riding - Joe Peralta

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g9 Standard Road Test Disclaimer: Anything herein described which may be considered unreasonable, imprudent, or illegal, is hereby declared fictitious. Case closed.

After the Ride

Summary and Critique


The Rides

Mount Up


The Death Valley Run


300 Miles On the Open Road


Running Curves


The Road to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon




The Last Lap



The Filler-Cap Fix




Talking with Erik Buell 7/17/00


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