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The Blast Pulley Recall


A "dealer communication" announcing the recall of Blast rear wheel pulleys involving "all 2000 Blast P3 motorcycles produced between 3/3/00 and 7/6/00" was posted by "Administrator"on the sporttwin forum yesterday, September 19th, and caused quite a stir on the web.

I e-mailed the factory and was told it was not a big deal, that more information would be put forth later in the week, and parts should be available in the field next week if all goes well.

Today on, Jay Hawley published the gist of a phone conversation concerning the recall: Briefly, that Buell's "continuous testing" has found that cracks might develop in some of the pulleys. He says it is not a "park the bike" problem, but requires the rider or dealer to inspect the pulley for cracks.

Another post by "Administrator" on just before midnight last night indicated Buell may use the larger '01 pulley as a replacement, and has them "in ample supply", but are still deciding the best way to adjust the speedometer reading to reflect the different final drive ratio. They say the '00 pulley is 73 teeth, while the '01 is 80; about a 10% difference.

If you want to read the posts in full:

sporttwin forum (look under "recall issues")

American Thunderbike Club:

NHTSA recall page: You'll need to go throught the rigamarole here: enter the year, search, enter the make, search, etc. Or enter "Buell", "Blast P3", "2000", in the box on the right.

Personally, I think the '01 gearing better suits the character of the bike, and this would amount to a free upgrade. People who regularly exceed 100 mph on their Blasts might disagree, but I think a top speed of 90 and a lower first gear for traffic crawling would be more useful for most riders.


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