the milwaukee road

From Ellensburg, WA to North Bend and Points West

Web Links and Supply Points

External Links

Washington Parks "Discover Pass"

Seattle Times on the tunnel closures

Cle Elum cabeese B&B

Bus Up 90

"History of Laconia at Snoqualmie Pass"

Northwest Railway Museum

Old Columbia River Highway Cycling Guide pdf

Supply Points

Ellensburg - everything, even a big music store.

Thorp - Big minimart

Cle Elum - Bike shop, supermarket, miscellaneous finds.

Easton - small minimart and part-time espresso shack on I-90

Hyak - an inventive chef, and a minimart up at the pass.

North Bend - Bike shop, minimarts, miscellaneous.

Snoqualmie - Northwest Railway Museum, supermarket in town, shopping mall up the Parkway on Snoqualmie Ridge.

Preston - minimarts

Issaquah to Seattle - every consumable you could ever want.

Duvall, at the north end of the Everett branch - minimarts.

(Note this schedule predates the Snoqualmie tunnel, which cut Laconia and 2 or 3 miles off the route, so Rockdale and points west would be that much "closer" to Mile 0 - road HQ in Chicago - after the tunnel opened.)