7. Issaquah to Seattle

1917-19 ACWW map

Right off from I-90 the trail's a pleasant ride away from traffic, the only flaw being numerous road crossings until the lake comes up on your left.

The lakefront is prime housing real estate, so half the scenery is plush houses with driveways crossing the grade.

In August 2011 trail construction forced me up on the surface street for a few miles. That should be done by now.

There may be better ways, but north of the lake I bear west across Marymount Park and pick up a bike trail continuing north on the west side of the park.

That eventually takes you north along the Sammamish River until you connect with the Burke-Gilman Trail on the old Seattle Lake Shore & Eastern grade around the north end of Lake Washington and south right into Seattle. What could be simpler?

Plenty. I've only made this link once and found the signage so confusing I was in Wonderland until I found myself on the shore of the lake west of Bothell. Here's the 2010 King County North bike map pdf

Better than the map is a lot of helpful local cyclists who don't need no stinkin' signs.

Along the lake it's a beautiful waterfront ride with occasional road and driveway crossings. And there you are! Here's the 2010 Seattle city bike map pdf. Have fun!