Ghost Grades of the Deschutes

August 2012



In the early years of the 1900s two 19th-Century railroad barons got into a neck-and-neck race up the Deschutes River into central Oregon. Only one road survives, and is active to this day. There remains 95 miles of abandoned grade in the 107 miles between Madras and the Columbia River. You can ride on or alongside about 80 miles of these.

If you're only interested in the approved section running 17 miles upriver from Deschutes State Park, jump here>

If you want the whole story, I'll start with the history, then describe what's left as you would through-bike it from south to north downriver.

The Last Great Railroad Race

Through-biking the Ghost Grades of the Deschutes

Remains at the Crooked River Gorge and Metolius

Madras to Trout Creek

Trout Creek to Nena

Nena to Mack's Canyon

Below Mack's to RM20

The Approved Trail, to Deschutes SP

Remains Along the Columbia

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