Rafting Below Mack's Canyon, RM 25 to 20





For this stretch I'll rely on the canoeists' description, condensed -

Mack's Canyon Rapid:

I was snapped back to reality by the first bigger rapid we had come across since well before lunch. The river braided out and ran through many low gravel islands, and we just about
managed to paddle into a channel deep enough for our canoe.

Island Rapids, is a long class II+.

And that seems to be about it for whitewater on this 5-mile stretch

The grade is at least 80 feet above water level. If you land at RM 20, it's a steep rocky climb up for you and your gear. I believe all the BLM camps on the east bank have easy jeep trails up to the grade.

Once up, you'll be on a clear grade for the 17 miles out to pavement.

Look below for pix of the RM 20 location.










Looking south. The break in the grade at RM 20 is a slide by the bend in the river, with another gap at a canyon just past it. The cut between the two is nearly impassable from rockfall and sagebrush.

Looking across the slide gap. No doubt it's possible to scramble up on the grade from river level, but these pix are mainly for recognizing when to start looking for a good landing.


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