The Great Ship Titanic

Sank April 15th, 1912

Some notes of interest -

-.-. / --.- / -.. // -.. / . // -- / --. / -.--


The Morse Code I added is Titanic's distress call - CQD (-.-. --.- -.. SEEKYOUDISTRESS) DE (-.. . FROM) MGY (-- --. -.-- Titanic's Marconi call sign). The Marconi Company operators aboard were trained and working before SOS (... --- ...) became the standard distress signal. SOS doesn't mean anything in particular - it was chosen for its distinctive sound.

The radio shack photo is from Titanic's twin sister, Olympic. An expert could tell the difference only by the louvered vent over the desk - they were otherwise identical.

Captain Smith didn't exactly go down with the ship. He swam to a lifeboat with a child, handed the child up, then swam away, slipped out of his life-belt, and went under.

White Star sailors who did survive were unwelcome at the line afterward. Some say they were considered Jonahs - more likely it was felt no sailor should've survived when so many passengers died. Of course such stern sentiment didn't apply to the line's CEO. He got off in a lifeboat.

Most people who wound up in the water died quickly from hypothermia. One gent survived the night - they say he'd been drinking heavily before he wound up in the drink. Now, he should be the patron saint of sailors, but he wasn't even beatified.



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