Back Road Engineering

"The Back Road to Better Living"

The Cantenna - A Shortwave radio antenna, effective, light, portable, tough, and made out of
free materials.


Getting Around on a Bicycle

Ghost Grades of the Deschutes

Two railroads race neck-and-neck up the Deschutes. Only one survives -
and there are 95 miles of abandoned grade along the river...

The Klickitat Grade

Just a country branch line - but what fine country!

The Milwaukee Road

Across western Washington on an old railroad grade...

L.A. to Needles on Desert Route 66

The old highway's still there and still an adventure

The Merced River Gorge

A 1907 railroad grade down the Merced from Yosemite

Cycling the Mojave Road

An old wagon trail and ancient trade route across the Mojave


The SingleCylinder Gazette

Racing a Steam Locomotive 8/25/02

A '79 XT500 and a 1927 Baldwin 4-8-4
speed across the desert...

Sundown at Manzanita 10/22/00

If you've never been to a dirt track motorcycle race,
check it out...

Talking with Erik Buell



Falcones in Death Valley

Classic Italian Singles Tour Hell on Earth

The Buell Single

Rumors, Facts, and Spy Photos -
Articles from 9/99 to 9/00

Riding Route 66

Gunfighters, Gold Miners, Cowboys and Indians -
What's New in the "New West"

The '04 River Run

Paul Burgess Renovates an Abused SR in the Philippines:

From Coffee Table to Café

PaulB takes the rebuilt SR on the road:

The Road to Olongapo


Links Page

The Great Ship Titanic - Another experiment in Flash telling the ship's story with an old tune and period pix
Run time 3:55 3.12 MB

Monsoon Squalls - A Slide Show Experiment, with audio, on desert flash floods
Streaming Flash - Run Time 7:08 - 1.54MB



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